The Music and KHC

Thursday, hello!

I can't believe it's already been a week since the release of KEEPING HIS COMMANDMENTS. I've been keeping busy with some new writing (as you can see from my celebratory spirits) but I still want to talk more about the behind-the-scenes about writing Eva and Jamie's story. I have a lot of favorite authors, and one of my features I look for on websites is music inspiration. I especially like how Molly McAdam's posts a new song every single day on her website.

Whether I'm locked in my room typing away or just daydreaming in the car on my way to work, music is always a part of my writing. So I thought I would share a 13-song playlist inspired by Jamie and Eva. No surprise that I have a little Bruce Springsteen on the list, but I was more shocked than anyone to add a country song to the list. I don't generally gravitate toward country at all but this particular song wouldn't leave me alone.

Without further ado, the Keeping His Commandments Official Playlist.

I hope as we get closer to the weekend, you find a new favorite for your own writing inspiration or maybe your next workout playlist.

More soon! xoxo