Why I hate to LOVE a second chance romance...

Oddly enough, second chance romance is a trope that I simultaneously steer away from and run to. Which makes absolutely no sense, I realize that. Especially since I just released Back to the Start. So, first, why do I desperately try not to read books that fall in this category? Because I know my heart is most likely going to be ripped to shreds and I’m going to want to kill either the hero or heroine, maybe even both, at some point in the story. I know I’m going to get emotionally attached to the characters, be a weepy mess when they’re in pain, and scream when they make the worst decisions imaginable. I know I may lose hours of sleep binge reading, well into the night, just to shuffle out of bed the next morning, eyes swollen and feeling like death warmed over.

I know all of this, yet I can’t help myself. As I scroll through the hundreds of books I have downloaded, I must accept the truth. As much as second chance romance guts me at times, I NEED it. To make me feel alive, to remember that love is both complicated and simple. There is a reason why two people can’t move on, why their paths keep crossing. Why a person consciously and/or subconsciously compares everyone to THE ONE.

And that is why I run to and one-click books like this. And why I wrote one that had me cheering for my hero, crying for my heroine and falling in love with a couple who truly deserve a second chance at love.

I hope you enjoy Jake and Morgan’s story as much as I enjoyed (sometimes loathed😊) writing it.